Stanisław Chmielewski

Oszkinie 30,  16-515 Puńsk  
+48 518 251 367 

Holodinternational Plus

ul. Małodiożna 7
222 372 Pralniki (Białoruś)
+375 29 651 13 65, +375 44 74 18 707

Manufacturer of refrigeration units and control boxes  ✱    

Manufacturer of refrigeration units

and control boxes

Engineering design

Partnership to the East


We are a manufacturer of chillers and control cabinets. In addition, we are a distributor of air coolers, air condensers, heat exchangers and other refrigeration components.

The activity of our company is focused on the Customs Union markets (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan). Together with our partner - the Belarusian company Holodinternational Plus, we deal with agro-food processing objects. Starting from the project by equipment delivery and its installation and service support.

We are now intensifying our activities also on the Polish market, especially in the area of refrigeration equipment for meat processing.

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